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We are an Australian company with Research, Development and Manufacturing facilities based in Sydney, NSW.

Ms.Lova tanning formulas work because we use high grade DHA, and high quality natural active ingredients. Click here for more information on our ingredients and testimonials on the products.

We are not satisfied with anything less than an exceptional tanning result. The company is all about making you feel good, feel sexy and free, it is about lifestyle, love and effortless beauty.

We do NOT test on animals at all! Animals are our friends.

The Story

I discovered spray tans 12 years ago and since than I always was obsessed with it and any products that are self-tans. It just instantly made me feel healthy, toned, happy and glowing. I don’t think I went a weekend without a spray tan since! I opened my own tanning business that grew very fast. I had the privilege of working with some of the most extraordinary people, from top tv shows, photographers, singers and artists, to Olympic game winners. Looking back, I realise I must have always been destined for the world of tanning.

As a professional spray tan artist, I was always on the hunt for that next best tanning product and used to spend a lot of time dreaming up new innovations and thinking of ways to do flawless, natural tans. This search has inspired me to start my own self-named luxury tanning line, Ms.Lova. It was always my dream to pour my passion, ideas and industry secrets into my very own brand. And finally my brand, Ms.Lova was built on the concept of combining the benefits of luxury skincare with a natural golden tan to suit all skin tones. My goal is to change people’s perception of self-tanners as sticky, tricky, orange-toned, skin-drying formulas forever. A great fake tan can make you look leaner, more toned and, most importantly, leave your skin feeling as amazingly healthy as it looks.

My dream team and I are working very hard everyday so that one-day Ms.Lova name becomes a high standard for quality in tanning world.

Much love. Natasha xo


Celebrity make up artist Fotini Hatzis @fotinihatzis – “My go-to golden glow, and an absolute essential for my make up kit, lova it”

Blacklabel Mobile Tanning @blacklabelmobiletanning – “Thank you we absolutely love it, best product.”

Beauty to you  @beauty_to_you_by_karynlouise – “Everyone is in love with Ms.Lova. Thank you so so much xx

Tilda Rose make up @tildarosemakeup – “I’ve had so many clients. I have already gone through more than half and do not want to ever run out of Ms.Lova solution.”

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